Kryptonite Trade Credit (KTC) provides the world with a blockchain based trading currency to allow asset owners a way to divest themselves of their surplus asset inventory in exchange for KTC, while allowing KTC holders the ability to acquire assets, goods and services with their KTC.

Initial Coin Offering

KTC is the premier cryptocurrency that is engineered for the luxury asset market.

KTC Holders

KTC holders can trade their KTC for use or purchase of the luxury assets on the KTC ecosystem.

Luxury Assets

Luxury assets can be offered to the platform in exchange for KTC, which then can be exchanged for other assets on the system.

Road Map
October 1, 2018

Private Sale

Private Sale of KTC Begins

October 15, 2018

Wallet and Platform Integration

Wallet and Platform Begins to be Developed.

November 1, 2018


PRE-ICO Begins

January 1, 2019


ICO Debuts to the Public

Executive team

James Bolin

Founder & Chairman

Over the last three decades James has been a leader in the media-trade industry and has been involved with the development of sophisticated forms of corporate trade. The Nighthawk Group, founded by James, brings solutions to business ventures through creative media investments which assist in the sale of nearly any product, project or service. James has facilitated the exchange of media for private equity and tangible assets of nearly every kind.

Joseph Wilson


Joseph Wilson is the President and CEO of Kryptonite Trade Credit and is leading its integration into the barter and asset exchange industries. Joseph is responsible for the overall strategic direction and operation of the organization. He will provide oversight in regard to all acquisitions as substantial assets are traded for KTC. Joseph will leverage KTC�s unique global network to serve its base of KTC holders and trade clients, with a specific emphasis on execution and expansion which create coin holder value. Under Joseph�s leadership, KTC will to grow its user base across every major asset class and geographic region.

Dean Anastos

Certified Blockchain Analyst

Dean is the Founder and President of Blockchain Developers. He previously led the Apollo Financial Group, a mortgage trading company that sold default mortgages to retail investors. His background in finance and programming makes him an ideal candidate to lead a Fintech company. Dean was lead blockchain and smart contract developer for Dragon Coin�s ICO. He continues to advise Dragon and other ICO�s on technical matters. Dean�s firm understanding of tokenomics will help to develop KTC�s platform and ecosystem to accommodate future expansion and consistent growth. He will oversee development of smart contracts that will run transactional aspects of KTC�s platform engagement, ensuring every trade will be recorded transparently.

Max Garza III

Chief Marketing Officer

Max is a blockchain investor, leading ICO advisor and cryptocurrency technical trader and trainer. He is the Co-founder and Managing Partner for Bitfundza, one of the largest Bitcoin Crowdfunding platforms globally. Max is an Equity Partner for Vectorzilla, an ICO that incorporates deep AI Learning and Vector Platforms. Max took Lead ICO and Blockchain R&D Advisor role for Dragon Coin, focusing on Cross Chain Atomic Swaps. Max�s knowledge was essential to Dragon raising nearly 500 Million USD at ICO. All expect that Max will have a tremendous impact on KTC�s ICO as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Mark Niver

Director of Operations

Mark Niver discovered his love for computers and all things technology while in high school and soon thereafter decided he wanted to be a part of this exciting field. His love for technology is exceeded only by his love of entrepreneurship and he decided early on that he wanted to apply his skills towards building either his own business or a business that he could be an integral partner in its success. He started working with The Nighthawk Group in 2000 and from that time until today he has been responsible for directing all things technical for the company and the related companies which The Nighthawk Group holds an interest in. He currently holds the title of Vice President and Director of Technology. During his time with The Nighthawk Group, he has continued to consult with other entrepreneurs and has been responsible for or an integral part of dozens of successful websites built for both profit and information. He loves being challenged with cutting edge technology and broadening his skill set to provide the best solutions for the technical needs of The Nighthawk Group.


Software Architect

Abdul is a blockchain investor and decentralized technology expert with 20 years of experience in business planning, IT management and creative direction. Abdul is CEO of Allies Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd. (the world�s largest micro-stock graphics content creation & distribution company), which has helped launch several explosive start-ups. He is also a Co-Founder of VECTOR ZILLA (blockchain based AI-Driven Micro Stock Graphics Platform) and an advocate for "Parivartan," a social welfare charity that helps people and improves city life in India.

Jit Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Jit is an IT Infrastructure expert. He has a robust financial industry background coupled with trading floor project management experience. Jit has partnered with major technology companies such as: Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Dell, making him a very valuable asset in the crypto community in general and to KTC, specifically. In addition to his integral role with KTC, Jit serves as CIO for Dionysus.Studio and is also a partner with Blockchain Developers, which specializes in developing and launching ICOs. Jit is also an equity partner for Vectorzilla, an ICO that incorporates deep AI Learning and Vector Platforms.

Luxury Asset Advisors

Jarrett Preston

Senior Advisor to KTC

Jarrett is the driving force behind Obsidian International Asset Trading. Jarrett and his entire team are focused on the facilitation of high value asset exchange. His firm currently represents clients in 26 countries across nearly every class of asset. Jarrett and Obsidian International Asset Trading are experts in the art of �value for value exchange� within the luxury asset market. His experience and global network of trade consultants and clients will be invaluable to KTC corporately and to every KTC holder as we collectively move corporate barter and asset trading onto the blockchain.

Carl G. Berry

Senior Advisor to KTC

Carl has over 35 years� experience in shared ownership and resort development. He will manage the KTC real estate portfolio. Among his accomplishments are the very first, fee ownership timeshare project and the first urban timeshare project in San Francisco. He launched the successful Manhattan Club in New York City, the largest urban shared ownership project in the world. Carl�s resort projects in California, Oregon, Idaho, Vermont, Puerto Vallarta, Aruba, Utah, Colorado and Montana include home sites, condos and shared ownership, fractional interests and timeshare. He is a former Chairman of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA).

Kent Chamberlain

Senior Advisor to KTC

From racing sailboats to working as a captain, Kent has always been involved in boats. After completing college at Denver University, he joined a San Diego based yacht sales firm. He has been in management positions or an owner for most of his career. In California, Chamberlain owned San Diego Yacht Sales and Pacific Coast Yachts. Shortly after moving to Ft. Lauderdale in 1996 he became General Manager of Merle Wood & Associates, and later Bradford Yacht Sales. He was also Vice President of the Florida-based builder, Westship, then started Chamberlain Yachts in 2003. He is founder and Chairman of the Superyacht Network, a private group of elite superyacht brokers who meet monthly to share market information. With expertise is in brokerage, charter, and management of large yachts Chamberlain�s focus is in the superyacht market specializing in yachts over one hundred feet. Chamberlain is well-known in the industry for his professionalism and commitment to ethical business practices.

Rick Marquadt

Senior Advisor to KTC

Rick and his partner at Square Realty collectively have over 40 years of real estate experience. They have closed more than 500 Million USD in real estate sales in the Hilton Head Island and Naples marketplaces. Square Realty specializes in utilizing their strong market knowledge and ability to think out of the box to bring buyers and sellers together to produce results that far exceed expectations. Square Realty supply and offer individual solutions to their clients� desired outcomes through traditional avenues and by utilizing their corporate trade partners (bartering of luxury yachts, private jets, gems or other luxury assets).

James Blackburn

Senior Advisor to KTC

Premier Holdings Group today has interests in Aviation, Real Estate, Insurance, Recruitment, Travel and Technology. James manages corporate strategy at the Premier Group facilitating company activity in sales, marketing, partnerships, alliances and support. James is also leading the company�s global outlook, working to expand upon the strategy and vision of their customers, partners, investors and shareholders. James is President of First Sky Airlines, which he also founded. He is Chief Executive at Abode Real Estate, which he founded, and President and CEO of Premier Aviation Holdings, which operates the group�s aviation division.


Senior Advisor to KTC

Over 25 years, Blaise has developed in excess of 300 Million USD in international luxury real estate. He has developed luxury projects in the Caribbean, Latvia, Switzerland, the U.A.E. and the United States. In these locations, Blaise has developed indoor waterparks, a marina with 147 townhouses, private moorings and restaurants. He has converted five-star resorts into luxury apartments, re-developed multiple villas and turned them into exclusive mansions and has renovated a historical, waterfront property on the West Coast of Florida. Blaise brings unique relationships and experience to KTC which collectively allow him to facilitate highly desirable asset introductions, exchanges and investment which will continue to enhance the KTC ecosystem.


Senior Advisor to KTC

Marata is an international real estate property developer and licensed Realtor with 15 years of experience in the luxury asset industry. Since 2003, she has worked in partnership with her husband, Blaise, on all international company projects totaling over 300 Million USD. In addition, Marata is also developing her own project: Tena Towers, which is set to be the very first upscale gated community in Burkina Faso. Marata possesses a vast network of valuable resources and contacts across the Middle East and Africa. Her expertise and relationships will be critical as KTC continues to grow its network and asset portfolio within these regions.

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